May 6, 2014

DIY {Tribal Tee}

I loved this DIY. I found the original pin here and it linked to the I Love to Create blog. Her directions were great. Easy to follow and easy to do.

I started with:
 a white tee
 a black fabric marker
masking tape
 and a tee shirt board (you can get the tee shirt board at the craft store or you could have a piece of cardboard where you've cut out a tee shirt template)

I followed her directions and she started with cutting the collar off.

Turn the tee shirt sideways and cut more off the collar for a more modern neck

She updates the sleeves next. Cut straight up the sleeve and then tie the ends in a knot.

The bigger size the shirt the better, I learned. I really should've started with like a men's large or x-large. This one was a women's large. When I tied the arms the sleeves ended up being tight for my arms. 

Next, cut off the bottom hem

Then make a cut like the photo below to give the tee shirt what a like to call a "mullet" in the back

See how the front is shorter than the back? I love it.

put the shirt on the tee shirt board 

Place masking tape in different widths. Inside the tape is where you will draw the tribal designs with the fabric marker.

I basically did different arrows and triangles using her design as a starting point.

Here is what I had hoped would be the final product. But during the process I got some smudges on shirt. You can't really tell in this photo but they were down below the designs. I tried to use soap and blot it out but it didn't work. Then there were more smudges that I saw as looked more closely and as it dried. I don't know if it was the way I colored my lines or if it was my fabric marker quality. 

At this point, the only choice I had was to dye the fabric. That's how it ended up the blue color! Not my favorite color and therefore not a shirt I will keep. I loved this DIY and I will do it again! Next time I will be better at trying not to smudge, lots of drying time and maybe a new marker??? I will definitely start out with a much larger shirt as well. 


Unknown said...

Super cool outfit and pieces
very good looking pics
great work

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