May 30, 2014

Life Lately {My San Francisco Travels Part 3}

I loved taking off with my hubby and walking the city. Wednesday we went to Chinatown and up to Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower. It was great exercise since the hills are crazy steep! What the?! I liked being able to have a partner in crime on my journey!

We walked through Little Italy/North Beach area up to Telegraph Hill. These photos below were taken with my phone because the other camera battery died. It did pretty good! I was surprised!

Great views from up top! Treasure Island, Lomard Street (the famous "crooked" street), the bridge, everything!

People had such beautiful gardens in their front yards. So tiny and secret!

We did have events that we needed to go to for my husband's work. We got to go to a concert with Lenny Kravitz and Imagine Dragons. It was great! But very chilly! I really needed my winter jacket!

Oh! Here's you another video with a San Francisco theme thanks to the crazy bus driver that had 4 songs on repeat. You're welcome again.


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