May 5, 2014

Cane Girl

I took these pictures about a week ago when I was still having to use my cane. I have since been able to walk without it but I still have some pain when it comes to bending it. I can't squat with that knee yet. Found that out when I was trying to look under the cabinets below the counter. OUCH. This is the wrist/arm splint I will be wearing for the next two weeks. At that point I will get a third x-ray to make sure the neighboring bone isn't broken as well. If it is broken then that means surgery. I don't want to even think about what happens then. I will definitely be praying that it will just be this splint for 6 weeks. 
This tee shirt is a DIY from good ole Pinterest! I'll do a post soon about how it went. Let's just say it was suppose to be a white shirt...


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