May 28, 2014

Denim & Suspenders Girl

Top & Jeans: Levi's (thrifted), shoes: Vans

Let's take a little break from the sightseeing photos for some outfit photos! Since I didn't have anyone to take photos on this day and I didn't even pack my tripod, I took some outfit pictures in the hotel room. Not the best lighting but it was all she's got captain. I loved wearing my new Van's slip on's in the city. Of course I still have my splint on my left arm and my knee wrap on my right. But the top and jeans were comfy and loose enough to cover them up. Plus I had to stay warm with those pesky San Francisco winds. I added a big black scarf to this outfit when I headed outdoors.


Anonymous said...

You look so stylish and comfy. After walking a day through NYC in suspenders I really became a suspender fan and wear them a lot now. Caroline

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