Feb 22, 2012

Flowers and Lace Nails

I have fallen into the rabbit hole of nail art. It's addictive. Beware!

I picked up this box of nail strips at CVS for $6.49. You get two designs. One is the lace and flower and one is a lace and leopard print.

It was so easy!!! I put them all on while we were watching Drive. Which, by the way, was good but slow? weird? But I like weird, I mean one of my favorite movies was Fargo. It was like a boring weird. I don't know. Off topic.

I did have a pair of small scissor that I used to trim them down once I stuck them on my nail. But the strips themselves fit my nail very well. I didn't have to trim by the cuticles. You can if you need to. I did that on one because I wanted the design on that particular strip on a smaller finger. An idea on the packaging was cutting parts of the stickers out to put on top of solid nail polish. Like a flower on your ring finger or something. Just in case you don't want an all over sticker fest like me.

Seriously easy fun times. And the best thing? No drying time. No clean up. No messy polish. This may just end up being the new way for any kind of color on my nails. Please ignore the icky cuticles. Skippy knows I'm working on it :)


skippy haha said...

girl, i see no ickiness whatsoever! only superfly radical nails and totally smooth flesh-colored cuticles. they look great! mine are so much worse! like scarred. i fell off the anti-biting wagon this week with a hangnail that i just could not leave alone, but it's only one finger :)

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Oh no!!! I think having these on helped. I caught myself digging today. I was like - NO! Stop it!

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