Dec 11, 2021

Good Books I've Read Lately

I don't get to squeeze in as many books as podcasts into my daily routine but when I do I want to make sure to share with you guys the ones I like the best.

If you don't know by now, I'm a bargain hunter. Or cheap. However you want to say it. I rent all of my books from the library! You can rent audiobooks from the library too. I listen to audiobooks on the app called Overdrive. It may mean that I have to wait a little longer for a new release but that's fine with me. I have plenty of podcasts to listen to!

This first one was recommended to me by a friend and it was a great recommendation! Behind Closed Doors is a psychological thriller but it's not a overly scary thriller. At least I don't think so. I mean, it's not going to be like the movie SAW let's put it that way. More of just a really good story that unravels slowly.

Here is a summary of the book from the amazon website:

I enjoyed this autobiography from Chrissy Metz. I listened to the audiobook and Chrissy narriates it herself. It was easy to follow, entertaining and I appreciated her honesty. She takes you through her early life and the beginning of her career. She offers some self help advice along the way. 

The author J.D. Vance goes into depth about his family's history in Appalachia, how they moved from Kentucky to Ohio in search for work and how they all continued to meet obstacles no matter how far and hard they tried to escape being poor. I really enjoyed the author's writing, his honesty and I also liked being challenged to think about social and economic topics that effect Appalachia. 

Here is a summary from the amazon website: 


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