Apr 24, 2015

Life Lately...Birthdays and Such

Life is busy as always. This month we celebrated Riley's 8th birthday. We had a party for his friends at our local skating rink...or ring? I don't know. I call it a rink but it is listed as a ring. Go figure. I have found out that yes, I can still skate and yes, I need to practice more to feel more sure of myself out on the floor. Riley is learning and he is doing well for this to only be his third time on eight tiny wheels. We had Baymax cupcakes for his friends party!

Then we had a low key party at the house for just the family a couple of weeks later. I had to have it early...like right after school at 3pm...so some family members were still at work. Poo! But I had to squeeze the party in before I dropped him off with his dad for another round of birthday fun on that side of the family! Woowee! He probably has had enough cake to sink a ship. This time the theme was Pete the Cat! We LOVE PETE!

We surprised the little guy in the end with a zipline. He loved it! I gave it a whirl too. Pretty fun I must say.

In other news, little guy got his pilot wings at Awana. Proud proud proud.

We took in our first Asheville Tourist baseball game of the season last week. I mindlessly nibbled on Cracker Jack's which I don't even like. That's what happens at a baseball game. You just gotta munch.

I saw rainbow after rainbow this week! Finally got to use that darn rainbow emoji!

I'll leave you with this awesome video I shot of Princess Josie


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