Oct 23, 2013

Something Tasty: Apple Crisp

The last foodie post on here had apples in it too! I must be on an apple kick. Maybe it is because they have been so amazingly inexpensive the last few months since it was apple season. This particular batch of apples came from our local grocery outlet at 3 pounds for a $1.00! One dollar! 

I found this recipe on Inspired Taste really just by searching for easy (emphasis on easy) and quick apple crisp recipe. I don't have tons of specialty ingredients in the pantry (like costly pecans or obscure extracts) so I wanted a recipe that used the basics like flour, brown sugar, and oats. Those are the kind of ingredients that I always keep a healthy stock of. Confectioners sugar too because it is instant icing or glaze for anything and everything!

Onto the Apple Crisp....I followed her recipe to the t so just click here and follow her directions! Here is how my journey went....

Mixing together the filling ingredients:

Put it in the dish! I used a pie dish and I think she used a square-ish casserole thingie

Mixing the topping ingredients (best part!) *side note: I think her oats were the non-quick oats because mine do not look like hers do in the photos. I think the bigger oats would've worked better in my case.

My topping came out more globby than crumbly. Maybe the larger oats would've solved this problem? Ready for the oven! 

It didn't look much different when it came out of the oven!

And here is the first serving all for me 

It was very tasty. I think my topping would've been more crumbly with the rolled oats instead of the quick oats. I might have needed to cook it a little bit longer to make the apples a little softer...I don't know. I think I was hoping for something similar to the Ms Smiths version from the frozen section but I think that is more of an apple pie crisp. But this is much lighter and more on the healthier side. Oh! and I did leave the peelings on like she suggested. It is a great source of fiber!


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