Oct 11, 2013

Iced Coffee Girl

Sweater: Eddie Bauer, Top: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Thrifted Eddie Bauer, Gumboots: LL Bean

I've been pouring the leftover coffee from the coffee pot each morning and storing it in the fridge so I can have iced coffee later on in the day. I add some flavored creamer to it (I just got some pumpkin spice so I can join the cliched world of fall) and thanks to the trusty internets I make sure that the ice cubes I put in are made from coffee. It really makes for a tasty iced coffee!! It's not as sweet as the original version but I am ok with that.

I bought that little ice cube tray to make bath bombs but for the life of me I failed at every attempt. So that is the only ice cube tray I have! Palm trees in October. Yay!


Manhattan Image and Style said...

I love this cardigan! Perfect for the fall! You look great! :)

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