Feb 7, 2012

2012 Resolutions Girl

Jacket: F21, Top & Tank: NY&Co, Jeans: Family Dollar, Pumps: Target

Surprisingly, I have kept up with most of my 2012 resolutions. Remember the Shopping Ban that I started January 4th? I have successfully completed my first month of no shopping for myself for clothes, shoes & accessories. I haven't bough anything actually. Not even anything for the house. It has been surprisingly easy. I did get suckered into looking at the Old Navy website and about threw my laptop across the room when I saw that one of their aztec sweaters was on sale. This aztec sweater I got before the ban ended up not being the one I chose and I have been disappointed ever since.

Other resolutions like, eating healthier, paying attention to skin care, dressing up at least twice a week and working out on the elliptical at least twice a week have been going really well. Losing weight, which is a constant battle, has been my hardest. Last year at this time I was on Weight Watchers and ended up losing 15 pounds by summer but quickly gained it back when I stopped counting points. I wanted this year to be a lifestyle change. I just couldn't see myself counting points for food for the rest of my life. I really wanted to be able to do this on my own. So far, I've only lost 5 pounds but it's better than nothing.

I have failed at getting to work on time. I did really well for one week and now I have been 10 minutes late twice this week.

I also wanted to complete one project a month and since we're only one month into the year, I am glad to say I've got one project down! I made this scarf and now I am starting on a pom pom wreath. I am almost finished.

I am pushing myself to try one new recipe a month. Last night I tried this roasted cauliflower recipe and it was very, very good. Even the teenager liked it. Whoa dude.

I had another unspoken resolution that has been the biggest struggle. I mean a battle. Used to, my fiance was the only one that knew about it but I made the decision to tell my mom and my best friend. It really helps to have that extra encouragement and the prayers that are coming in. I already have a volunteer date at the Animal Shelter with my bestie coming up very soon!

What about you - any resolutions that you have kept or any that you didn't?


Brian said...

Way to go! One of my resolutions was to start getting up at 5:30 AM every morning so I could get a nice, non-rushed, start to the day. But that's failing. I am waking up a bit earlier, but not like I wanted. Help! :)

skippy haha said...

keep up the good work! was your last resolution to volunteer? i want to do that too! how did it go? animal shelter is perfect. other than the fact i would take all the dogs home with me. brother wolf has a program "outward hounds" where you can go and walk a shelter dog, i think wheni finally venture into volunteering, that will be the way. i also thought about getting nacho my dog certified as a therapy dog and take him to the hospital, but 1. i think he might be a little to enthusiastically friendly to qualify, and 2. i'm scared of hospital germs! terrible i know, but true.

i had one resolution, i didn't tell anybody, and i've kept it so far! i bit the skin around my cuticles (so nasty) for my whole life and they were always red and raw and bleeding, (SO nasty) and i stopped january 1. i don't even miss it really.


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Thank you! I have the same issue with the cuticle biting! I'm getting better but I would make mine infected!! Ewww!! Good job on quitting - I need to do that. I have one right now that is throbbing because I've torn it to bits.

My resolution wasn't to volunteer - it was just an ugly problem that no one knew about - but my friend suggested that I should volunteer to feel better about myself, my life and the time I'm spending on Earth. I love animals and she does too and I KNOW I'm going to want to take them all home :( It will kill me to put them back in the cage :( But we are looking for a little scruffy dog anyway so maybe I will find a good buddy for my 4 year old!?!

skippy haha said...

oh man, mine used to be throbbing and infected all the time too! it was a catch-22 because they would heal and scab and then i couldn't help myself from picking at the new grown rough spots, it was unconscious, or subconscious! i just couldn't leave skin hanging off. i always thought if i could just get them smooth one time, there would be nothing to peel and i would stop, and that is seeming to be true! i got some burts bees sugar scrub stuff as motivation and to keep them smoother, and it helped! i did this seriously for 25+ years, so if i can stop, you can stop.

i hope your animal sheltering goes well and you do get a scruffy little dog, i am SURE your 4 year old would be thrilled to have a buddy.

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Thank you! That is a good idea with the Burts Bees. I never thought about exfoliating them to keep them smoother. I would always try lotion and oils and then get impatient when they would peel (of course I thought too that if I just helped them peel this one last time...) I'll let you know how the shelter goes. I really want to take my camera and document it. I hope they'll let me

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