Oct 11, 2011

DIY: Yard Ghosts

As always, I get so excited to do crafts with my son that  you would think I was 4 years old too. This spooky craft was super duper easy, fast and cheap! YES!

You will need:

1. white garbage bag

2. permanent marker

3. scissors

4. small rubberbands

5. sticks from the yard

6. cotton balls

 STEP 1) cut medium size squares out of the garbage bags. I didn't measure anything, just eyeballed it. The bigger your square, the bigger your ghost. It's up to you.

STEP 2) put cotton balls in the middle of the square. I used about 3 cotton balls per ghost square.

STEP 3) gather bag around cotton ball and secure with rubberband. Best if you can get the rubberband around twice. Makes it nice and secure

STEP 4) have your kiddo draw a face on the ghost. My little guy is pretty good with markers so I was ok with him using the sharpie. Of course I would never leave him alone with it unless I wanted him and my table covered in black ink.

STEP 5) Begin putting the ghosts on the ends of the sticks.

 Make as many as you want! Head out to the yard and scatter them about. It should look a little sumthin like this:

Have a spooOOoooky October!


Learning said...

Those are so cute!

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