Oct 20, 2011

Leopard Girl

Shirt & Skirt: Thrifted, Vintage Boots: Ebay, Tights: probably Target

It's no secret I love watching Project Runway. Watching it right now actually. I can't get over how much fun Michael and Nina have when they start cackling over how horrid an outfit turned out. Michael with his eyebrows raised high says "Can you say Halloween costume?? Horrendous!! Muah muah ha haha ha" Nina is doubling over with laughter and the camera swings to the poor designer and sweat is just beading all over their forehead and they look as if they are one second away from passing out. I think MK might practice on his off days what his next insult will be. Which is why I am thoroughly addicted to this show. I know, I know. Tisk tisk.

So, on topic of this outfit, I was disappointed when I looked at the photos. I thought it looked better in real life but I must have just been fooling myself or I was really, really groggy when I put it on. I loved wearing it and felt great in it all day. But the pictures just didn't really thrill me. Meh. I will definitely be back with this skirt styling it in a more traditional way with a black sweater and heels. I think that is what it wants. Yes, little leopard skirt. I will listen to you.


Sarah said...

Super cute! I adore this skirt. Such a great look.


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