Oct 18, 2011

A Corn Maze Day

Fall is not complete without a day at the corn maze. A pirate themed corn maze at that.

Riley and I successfully completed the beginner maze and then proceeded to get completely lost in the intermediate. We waved at the entrance to the advanced maze while I steered him in another direction. It was a 2.6 mile course and I couldn't see us actually making it back out of there until nightfall.

What was the most fun was the pirate flag scavenger hunt. You'll see the flag card in Riley's hand in like every picture. He took this thing seriously. We had to find 6 out of 7 pirate flags with the one we didn't find being the answer that we had to show to the maze captain/guy/person. Here's Riley telling me where we need to go next:

We did find all of them (the last one being inside the treasure chest that was full of candy at the end) Here is the picture of success:

During and after, we rode the cow train, slid down slides and munched on caramel apples. A great day indeed. But please, don't ever expect me to rescue you from a corn maze. Ain't gonna happen.

Us on the cow train. Yep. There's the pirate flag card he wouldn't put down

This kid loves mazes. I mean loves them. He ran this maze about 10 times.

The complete slide cyle: 1) The approach, 2) the decent, 3) getting stopped by the hay bale, 4) running back for another round

These morning glories are for Lala 

 The pit of corn kernels that I couldn't convince Riley to jump into...

My sweet boy. Each moment spent with you is the best time of my life.


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