Oct 25, 2011

Party of Five Girl

Remember that show? Party of Five? I loved it. It was right in my line up of watching 90210 and Melrose Place. Don't judge ya'll. I feel a little bit like a walk-on character in this outfit. I love this dress - it works on so many different levels. I wear it in the summer time with sandals and now it has flowed right on into being my fall go to skirt. And...I had to show you my granny boots and granny socks.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it, Party of 5 was an awesome show. I wasn't in to those other shows you mention (I'm allowed to say their name as a member of the male persuasion) but for some reason I was able to relate to Party of 5!

skippy haha said...

ha, i can definitely see neve campbell wearing this on party of five! that show ruled! i loved charlie! and bailey! mostly charlie.
i think this outfit is great and highly fall-ish. i love the locket with it.

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