Jun 12, 2011


Shirt: thrifted, Skirt: NY&CO, Tennis shoes: thrifted, Earrings: vintage

I woke up on Friday and wanted to wear my tennies. Friday is pretty casual at my office but jeans were just not an option in this heat. This shirt has been with me for years and it is so comfy. I love the stripes and the boat neck. 

On a more personal note I took a major plunge last week and signed up for Weight Watchers. I attended my first meeting on Friday and I felt so empowered. I debated whether to mention it here or not because it is slightly embarrassing (why is that???) to know you are a little too fluffy. Absolutely no one or no thing is pushing me to do this other than just not feeling comfortable in my own skin. Plus I have tons of clothes I can't fit into that I was able to fit into last summer and the summer before. Seeing your favorite skirt but not being able to button it up is a major bummer. But I felt that if I made it public, I would have a second audience to be accountable to, ya know? Oh well - here goes nothing!


Frannie Pantz said...

even though I think you look great as it is, congrats on joining! I've had three kids, so my weight has gone up and down pretty substantially in the last ten years. Hooray for you!

Learning said...

Good luck with the weight watchers! I have had the most success losing weight with the points system. It really is a great thing.

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