Jun 25, 2011

Pink Flowers and Polka Dots

Top: Kmart, Jeans: Family Dollar, Espadrilles: Target, Flower: Thrifted

Brian and I took some time today to run some errands and be super productive! It was a great, great day. Lots of house cleaning got done before 10am this morning. I know - that sounds like a lot of fun right? We even squeezed in motorcycle ride to a birthday party...and at yummy cupcakes and laughed at all the icing I was wearing on my nose. Cupcakes and pink flowers and polka dots. Man, doesn't get any better than this!

Photos by Brian - thanks sweets!


Learning said...

These are lovely pictures of you! The polka dots and flowers are so great. It does sound like a great day! I am a HUGE fan of cupcakes.

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