Jun 26, 2011

Poached Eggs Anyone?

One of my most favorite things to do on the weekend is to try new recipes for breakfast. Breakfast is usually so uneventful through the week so when the weekend comes I'm ready to make it special. I have fallen in love with poached eggs lately. Especially over English muffins. It makes me feel like I am giving in to Eggs Benedict, which is my most favorite breakfast meal!

If you've never tried poaching an egg - it's super easy! I'll show you how! If eggs make you squeamish (like you mom!) better skip this one!

First, you will want to bring your water to a boil. Make sure there is enough water in the saucepan that it is deep enough for the egg to drop into and have lots of freedom to float around! After a rolling boil, turn the burner back down to medium. You want the water moving just a little bit when you drop the egg in.

Drop the egg in as close to the water without dipping the bowl in.

At first it will look like this.

Then the egg will start to come together

Scoop out the egg very gently with a slotted spoon (I use a wooden spoon) and let it dry on a paper towel. I started getting everything else ready that I wanted to use in my extra special yummy (and healthy!) breakfast.

 I decided to wilt some spinach to put on top of my English muffins to add a bit of veggies to the meal. I chopped up garlic and coated the pan with some Omega 3 Canola oil.

Let the spinach wilt - it only takes a minute

Place the spinach on a paper towel to let some of the oil soak.

 I topped my English muffin with pre-cooked bacon and piled the spinach on! Then I sprinkled the egg with some oregano, salt and pepper. Garnish with some red seedless grapes. YUM!


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