Jun 24, 2011

Comfort Zone

 Dress: some now-defunct store in the mall, Tank: NY&Co, Sweater: UO, Socks: Target, Boots: Dan Post (most awesome gift from my sweetie!), Necklace: Local/handmade, Earrings: ??

Ahh...my cowboy boots. I keep these guys in my closet year round. They seem to work their way into my wardrobe nearly every season. I tried to keep my style relaxed and comfy today - it's Friday! I'm ready to start the weekend and my list of chores/things to do/stuff I MUST get accomplished or I will pull my hair out kind of thing. The work week just seems to fly by and things pile up. Last weekend was a total wash because we lost power most of the weekend because of a bunch of bad summer thunderstorms. This weekend has to be productive. Has to! Wish me luck!

pictures by Brian - thanks sweets!


Frannie Pantz said...

Good luck! Hope this weekend is better for you! I love the color of this dress and I agree--I keep my boots for every season cause, well, I live in Colorado.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

how delicate and sweet this outfit is! I'm glad you pulled those boots out because they look great.

Learning said...

Wow that dress is SOO flattering on you! I love the cowboy boots in there. It's too hot here to wear mine often in the summer. I'll have to try to work them in at some point though! Thanks for the inspiration :).

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