May 11, 2012

Pop of Neon Girl

Top: Target, Jeans: Marshalls, Sandals: Target, Clutch: Target, Necklace: Premier Jewelry

There was this gift card, see. It was addressed to Brian and me, see. It was a wedding gift. Wellllll....he mentioned in passing that I should just go to Target and get something for myself with it.
Don't have to tell me twice! I went purposely looking for new black flat sandals. Umm...didn't get the black sandals. I got these brown ones instead since I can technically live with the black sandals I have. I know - first world problems right? But I do not have any brown flats. I had seen these on the website and sure enough, they had my size. I passed by this neon clutch on my way back to the shoes and it was on clearance. Hmm...I carried it around with me. When I saw this aztec tank on the sale rack, I knew all of this would be really cute to wear together. I am working around to either 1) me tapering these pants in to make them more of a skinny fit or 2) giving up and letting a professional do it.



Gracey the Giant said...

OMG, I NEED that top! It is gorgeous and I love the styling.

Have a great weekend; I'll probably spend mine looking for that top.

Eatlovemerry said...

What a cute blog!

B said...

I love that neon is back in style! I am currently rocking a neon yellow shirt and I love it. Although I'm pretty sure that shirt glows in the dark!

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