May 1, 2012

Poly Girl

Dress: Vintage, Bag & Shoes; Thrifted

I've had this little number hiding in the closet since last summer when I went on an ebay bender - long before the ole shopping ban came to town. This dress is one of a thousand reasons but the most prominent reason why the shopping ban came about in the first place.

Clothes were hiding in my closet.

Clothes that I had never worn.

Like this guy!

Polyster is not the best thing to wear on a day that ends up hitting the low 80s. But it was fun to wear to church. I immediately tore it off after trampsing around the grocery store and then lugging it all inside. I did feel like a pretty cool 1970s housewife that is having everyone over for fondue!


Eartha Kitsch said...

It's really pretty! I'm guessing polyester?

One Girl said...

hot, itchy, sticky...polyester!!!

Lesley Jean said...

Pretty ensemble! I keep finding clothes I've never worn in my closet, too. I initially hid the stuff from my husband and then forgot about it. Eep. I sort of have a love affair with polyester. Some of it I hate but most of it I admittedly love. Its no good for temps over 68 degrees though. (At least not that 60s/70s stuff.)

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