May 14, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

I love backyard bbq's! Ever get caught in that tricky gray area of what to wear? You don't want to get too dressy but you don't want to seem like you just fell off the back of the pickup truck either? Sometimes I get stuck in that gray area. I do go by a few rules (just my ideas, you do what you want!)
1) I don't wear heels. Especially not anything that will sink into the grass! I hate it when your foot gets stuck in the grass. I can see the plate of hot dogs flying through the air now....Wedges could be ok if they aren't too tall. But for safety's sake, I stick to flats.
2) Now is the time to break out all of your bright colors!! You're outside, everyone is excited for summer, time to get the party started! This includes your shoes too - you can debut those neon pink sandals or that bright orange polish on your toes!
3) Be comfortable. Nothing too tight on the belly because you will be eating and sitting in lawn chairs or on the grass or on a picnic table. You really don't want to be miserable!
4) I don't wear white shorts or a skirt just because I am always worried that I have sat in something or rubbed up against something and now I'm wearing it. On my butt.
5) I love wearing skirts to these things. Hello second hot dog without having to watch my waist line! I just make sure they are not too short so that when you get up or down your not flashing the whole crowd.
6) Don't forget the bug spray!


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