Mar 5, 2012

When Scarves Attack Girl

That's one way to shut me up.


Gracey the Giant said...

This is one of the best posts ever. I literally laughed out loud. (Not that you being attacked by a man-eating scarf is funny).

skippy haha said...

hilarious! i also LOL=ed!

YES, that is the blogger society i was thinking of...i can't make it to coxe pizza tonight, but i definitely want to make an effort to get to one of the meetings this spring. other than that i would love to get together for beers though - do you still live on the east-side? we are moving that way march 23! kind of by the va hospital in the lovely hills of oteen :) would love to try new places over there. also, i know you're on 6 month no-buying-clothes hiatus, but if you want to trade blogging for anything in my etsy shop again you are so welcome. this is a marathon comment - have a great day :)

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

SWEET Skippy! We are still in Swannanoa. We could always hit up the Pisgah Brewery or the tiniest little pub in Swannanoa - the Village Pub. It's almost a ghost town. I should've bought that pub...whole nuther story. That dang shopping ban has been biting at my heels lately so I will def look around your etsy shop! Thank you! Also - we can introduce our doggies too!

skippy haha said...

yessss! i ♥ pisgah brewery & also i would looove to go to the tiniest little pub in swannanoa! sounds right up my alley. and nachodoggy is IN for any kind of pup playdate! we must make this happen asap - i'm in the throes of head cold hell and about to get into packing/moving hell - but promise i will be settled and healthy by april! before then just let me know if you find anything you want from etsy - email me -skippyhaha at gmail!

rlutz said...

Death by infinity scarf...ahhh! Very cozy casual the checked shirt!

Unknown said...

That's a crazy scarf! I bet you could sleep inside that thing, haha!!! I live right next to Swannanoa in Asheville

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