Mar 26, 2012

Really Old Navy? Really?

I don't know why Old Navy is doing this to me. Their selection this season is spot on. Thanks a lot. I'm on a shopping ban so... great.

If someone wanted to walk into Old Navy and buy me something, this would be what they could chose from. Boy! Aren't I just the little brat?!
Old Navy Wish List #1

OR! They could choose from any of these fine dresses. I won't be picky. I mean, not that picky.
Old Navy Wish List #2

Just look at that yellow dress. I mean COME ON! Why does Old Navy kick it up a billion notches the ONE year I decide not to buy anything for what seems like a decade?


rlutz said...

I too am loving Old Navy lately...too much great stuff. I have that third dress and it is one of my favorites!

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