Mar 29, 2012

Saturday Success Girl

Last Saturday was pretty busy. This week is too because here it is Thursday and I'm finally getting around to talking about last Saturday!! I had a crazy idea that I just might find a wedding dress here in town which would be a dream so I could try it on instead of keeping my fingers crossed with etsy or ebay. AND I DID!! Here's some footage on what turned out to be a very successful Saturday

After some Christian bookstore shopping and one vintage shop down with no luck, we stopped for lunch at a deli where we could sit outside.

The sun felt soooo good

 delicious sammies to go with our fizzy drinks

After lunch we headed to one last vintage shop that I knew had a really large selection. I was just about ready to give up on finding a dress until I spotted something light pink with white crochet. I pulled it off the rack it was jammed onto and immediately I knew this had serious potential. I tried it on and it was a bit more form fitting than I thought. I still liked it because of it's beauty, color and the fact that I was getting to try it on! Brian really liked it and I was falling in love with it so I decided to get it. Sneak Peek!

We drove out to my cousins house for a Scentsy party (which is scented wax that you burn in warmers instead of lighting a candle) and a cookout that later turned into just ordering Mexican! 

One of Emily's pretty warmers:

A fresh spring scent that I can't wait to melt in the warmer I won!!! YAY!!

Pretty violets in her yard that will be extinct the next time the mower comes out:

See! I told ya!


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