Mar 11, 2012

A Copied DIY

Brian has been saving old wine corks forever and a day. Many times it has crossed both of our minds to toss the whole basket. But there had to be something we could make! He had already made this:

 A couple of days ago I saw a cork heart on Une Vie Geniale. I did a complete copy cat! Follow her directions because they are super easy. Here's her heart:

Gathered my supplies:

 I decided to put it on the cabinet because the colors went together so well

like my double tree out the window?


Idée Géniale said...

Oh, looks wonderful! I was in the same boat of not knowing what to do with the corks but didn't want to throw them out since we had been saving them all this time! Such an easy DIY. Looks cute in your kitchen!

Maybe my next project will be the cork board you have pictured!

Gray Skies said...

I love the cork heart! What a great idea. I've saved the corks from all the wine bottles my husband and I have drank together - they're just in a glass bowl right now, but once I get enough of them I'd like to do a fun project like this one.

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