Mar 19, 2012

It's Official

We have decided on a day to get hitched!

April 14th, 2012

Only 4 weeks away.......eeek! But that's ok. Because it's going to be the simplest wedding known to woman. We asked our preacher if he would marry us. He said he would be honored. Yippie! Where?!

So after some quick suggestions back and forth Brian and I decided on the Botanical Gardens close to the UNCA campus. A nice, easy place to get to with wonderful walking trails and lots of nature. (No snakes please, thanks). We're hoping to be able to have the ceremony near the cabin.

There will just be about 12 of us (including bride and groom). We are letting God do the decorating by letting beautiful flowers bloom and lush greens shine.Of course pesky rain may come but doesn't it always when you try to plan something outside?

I am going to make my own invitations. SO EXCITED about that!!! Getting inspiration from Pinterest, of course.

AND AND AND...getting excited about what I'm going to wear. I want to wear something that is "me" and is very comfy. So I am leaning more towards the boho/hippie type of dresses. Here are a few that I have spotted on Pinterest that has caused me to run down to the consignment shops at lunch to see if they had one. No luck, by the way. Think I'm going to have to order one from etsy or ebay:

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I would also love to have a flower crown. Not huge or bright but just something natural and sweet

Let the excitement BEGIN!!!!

P.S. shopping ban lifted for awesome things like buying a hippie wedding dress for your wedding day


Brian said...

What a GREAT post! Thank you for accepting me as your groom. I love you.

skippy haha said...

botanical gardens at unca is a fabulous location! love the long flowy dress style. and you should definitely rock a flower crown - it will look beautiful!

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