Jan 24, 2012

It's the Most Scariest Tiiiime of the Year

Dare I say it aloud, so I will just whisper it....bathing suit season! Gasp! Blech. Pow! Bam! $&%(#*&!

There, after all the swearing, I do have to come to grips with the fact at some point in time this year, I will have to frighten the living daylights out of some people and wear a bathing suit. Long gone are the days that I don a bikini (I hear you clapping) so I look for cute one pieces/tankinis these days. Here are some I found at Shabby Apple: (Right now 20% off!!!)

I adore this polka dot number - a classic navy that has a lot of nautical inspiration! I could see pairing this with a nice red lip for an afternoon by the pool.
"Notte Stellata" Regular Price: $78.00, $62.40 with discount

Va-va-Voom! Who said a one piece was boring? Oh, I'm sorry, are you on a movie set?
"Sutherland Point" Regular Price: $74.00, $59.20 with discount

A cute tankini with lots of frills and fun! Girlie!
"Isola" Regular Price: $82.00, $65.60 with discount (mix & match bottoms)

A subdued color and a sweet deal that can would go great with a big flower in your hair!
"Daydream Island Bikini", Regular Price: $68.00 ,$54.40 with discount (mix & match!)

And finally, I adore the punch of drama with this metallic suit. A big black hat and you are set! Yes...dahling...
"Pietra", Regular price: $88.00, $70.40 with discount


Gracey the Giant said...

I hate bathing suit season. Well, technically, my thighs hate bathing suit season. But, I stuff myself in one every year because I love the sun and love the water. Of all of the one's above, I'd choose the last. That giant bow is just beyond fab.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


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