Jan 19, 2012

Aztec Sweater Girl

Sweater: Ebay, Navy Top: ModCloth, Leggings: Target, Boots; Steve Madden

I ordered this sweater off of Ebay and had ordered a rust color. But I ended up with this tan, orange and navy. I decided to embrace the navy. Ain't no use hatin' on navy. I emailed the seller and was all like "either I'm color blind or British people have a different idea of what the color rust is". They were super nice and gave me 50% of the price back because I didn't want to have to pack it back up and mail it all the way across the pond. So, even though you can't really tell, the sweater is navy, not black. Anyway. I still want the rust colored one but the shopping ban is causing a bit of a barrier in solving that problem. It will just go on the list for next year!

Josie tested - Josie approved!


skippy haha said...

love that sweater. super versatile and looks comfy as hell. and josie looks like a real sweetie!

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