Jan 3, 2012

Book em' Danno

I am being arrested. By myself. I am putting myself under fashion arrest. For the next 6 months.


Really. I have not told anyone else this but it's something I have been toying with since I read about Miss Vinyl Ahoy doing a shopping ban and got super excited thinking, "Yeah! I could totally do that too!" Yeah. Right. Well, it's a bit unexpected to hear this from me but it's got to be done.


  1. Pretty darn basic. Don't buy clothes for myself. See something I like? Good. That's all that's gonna happen. Oh, and don't think I'm going to try to sneak a belt or a bag or a hairbow in. Nope. None.
  2. Don't buy any shoes for myself. But what about that nice pair of brown...NO! Stop it. (slaps face)
  3. I am allowed to buy things for the house. And of course regular old things like groceries and stuff that like I need to survive...like toilet paper and hairspray, of course. Although a toilet paper hairspray dress could possibly work for date night....Maybe not
  4. If I get a gift card for let's say, being the best girlfriend ever, I can use the gift card for whatever I want to BUT only for the amount on the gift card. Is sales tax going to make it go over the gift card balance? Well then too bad sucka! Put it back. Walk out of the store or in my case, take the finger off the mouse.
  5. I highly doubt I'm even going to get a gift card so #4 is basically useless. Nonetheless, at least you can call me out on it if you see me in Target trying to hide between the clothing racks.
  6. This Shopping Ban starts: 12:00 AM Wednesday, January 4th and ends July 4th 2011! Independence Day! Independent of my fashion addiction! WOW! (Actually, I just now saw that it ended on July 4th and I was trying to make it all patriotic but that's not how it started out. Darn it. If I could only be more enlighted like that it would've been pretty cool.)

Anyway, there you have it. That's the rules and I have to stick to them. Feel free to remind me of them at any time. I can't guarantee what I will say back to you, but there is a possibility that it could be a good conversation. Probably 80/20. More like 50/50.


skippy haha said...

i would love to see a toilet paper hairspray dress in action! it could work! paper-maiche-ish :)

also...hilarious picture of your little cutie inside the closet! he inherited your super shiny hair. lucky!

Suze said...

Welcome to the non-shopping club! Sorry, I would've responded sooner but I've been hiding from my blog and my reader for a while!! :)

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