Jan 12, 2012

Beret Girl

Everything but the boots thrifted! Boots: Ebay

I bought these boots off of Ebay - one of those "buy it now" deals. When I opened the box - Whoa! - bad smell. Funky smell. Like moth balls or some horrid formaldehyde smell. Ick. So I had to spray them repeatedly with Febreeze and let them air out on the screened in porch. They smell much better now. Weird. Now I've told you that whole story, you...well, not sure what you can do with all that info. But now you know some shoes from Ebay will smell like a morgue. Not that I've been to one. Nevermind.


rlutz said...

SO chic with the layered polkadotts and the beret! Love the brown palette...great outfit!

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