Jan 5, 2012

Remember When and Now What

Remember last year when I got engaged? Well, I'm still engaged. Thankfully! BUT we still need to plan a wedding. We have both have come up with great ideas but as with most of my ideas, unless I win the lottery or a rich uncle turns up dead and has left me as sole heir, it probably ain't gonna happen. (I've checked the family tree and let's just say...it's not made of money).

Option 1: Have a modest wedding in town.
Option 2: Have a modest wedding out of town.
Option 3: Get married at the courthouse and just have a party! Woot!
Option 3: Get married at the courthouse and run off on an immediate honeymoon.
Option 4: Run off and get married and do the honeymoon all at the same time = Eloping.

We are leaning towards option #4. This will be marriage number two for both of us so the big elaborate wedding is just not going to happen. It's definitely not something I want to go through again. A bit too stressful and expensive if you know what I mean. That's where the modest wedding comes in. We've toyed around with backyards, parks, and cute places around town. The reception always stumps us. We've toyed with the idea of going to the beach and getting married on the beach. Little did we know that is cray-cray expensive! Sheesh. And the burden to have to drive 4 hours away wasn't really what we wanted to do to friends and family. Our desire to "go somewhere" wasn't quieted, though. We have narrowed it down and we have come up with a place we can go that is not too far away and sounds like a good time. After watching an Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations" episode when he was in New Orleans we were hooked. And NO, not hooked on Mardi Gras and all that bead, spring break, blah, blah, crap. Just the historical, gritty, jazz New Orleans with down home food and parts of town you just don't go to.

The Big Easy.

             New Orleans Tours 

Fingers crossed! This isn't set in stone and probably have no idea what I'm getting myself into. I did survive a trip to NYC and had a great time to boot so New Orleans seems like a definite possibility! If you've got any pointers, feel free to let me know.

 I see it as a great adventure with my soulmate. I'm ready for blues, jazz, cajun food and hot sticky weather. We definitely need to save up so it may happen this year, maybe next. We don't want to make this a burden to go. It needs to be an adventure with no financial regrets. We also toyed with the idea of riding one of these down:

But it got a little expensive. It would be a 15 hour ride there and a 15 hour ride back. I just don't think we have the time for that. We'll see! It's all up in the air so we want to have options open. I have heard people hating their train experience and saying they will never travel railway again. I don't know. I'm the kind of person that will watch the movie that got the really bad reviews and end up liking it. Who knows. I am a bit of a geek so I might just love it!

A dress....a dress...New Orleans seems like the perfect place for a dress like this:

to get married in this chapel

with the one of the craziest, wackiest interiors ever - that I LOVE!!!

Then more I look at it the more I love this little wacky chapel. I think we would have a blast there.

So there you have it. A glimpse of what is happening on the whole "when are you getting married" thing.


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