Dec 11, 2010

The Big Chill

This was my first try at taking photos in the winter - outside. I tried my hardest not to actually look as frozen as I felt. It was about 28 degrees and then the wind chill made it feel like it was in the teens. NO! I don't live in a northern climate. I'm just hanging out in western NC. I'm not suppose to have to deal with weather in the teens! Whine. I sucked it up and went out at lunch and grabbed a few pics before the sun went away. All in all it turned out fine. Until I couldn't feel my cheeks.
This menswear inspired outfit was fun to wear. I always get lots of comments when I wear a tie. Usually men - I think they are just surprised. I think its great! A woman has so many options when it comes to wardrobe options because we can wear skirts, dresses, trousers, ties - whatever we want. Men get a few options. Some men may experiment and experience more options than others but hey! Right on! Basically I think its wonderful that women don't have the fashion restrictions that existed in earlier years. The freedom to wear trousers and a tie. Perfection!

Got back inside but I still....

Photos by me

Purple Sweater: Thrifted
Oxford Tunic: NY & Company
Tie: Thrifted, Hospice
Black Cords: can't remember!
Black Oxford Shoes: Sears
Earrings: Local, handmade


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

It is a very sweet and lovely outfit.

Stephanie said...

Yup, my mom actually makes it every year. I made it once years ago. It's too sweet for me so I gave it up, lol. Crazy that it actually has potato in it!!

Stacey Kay said...

I love those colors together. Looks great!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

I advocate the poncho…

LyddieGal said...

I love the flower earrings, they are the perfect feminine touch for this look!

And I hate braving the cold for outfit photos. I though I was going to lose my fingers today!

Chic on the Cheap

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ooooh such a fun tie and love those large earrings!!!

Katie | said...

OK, so I bought a floral tie a while back to wear as a belt... but, WOW, I love this look! VERY inspiring - I might just have to wear my tie as a tie after all. :)

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Thanks ya'll!

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