Dec 26, 2010

The Skirt That Keeps On Giving

So I remixed the Christmas skirt that I am in love with and incorporated some black and camel colors. This is what I wore while I hosted my first Christmas Eve party at the new house. Covered in snow today, I might add. We have 8 inches of the white stuff. Which, in my opinion, is a little overboard. I love a white Christmas but after 4 inches it ends up just making it hard to travel. Plus I had to pick up my little boy from his dad's house and he lives in Marion, which if you are from here you know that means you have to go down Old Fort Mountain which scares the poo out of me in the summertime much less 8 inches of snow. But my stepdad saved the day and met up with my baby's daddy and then brought him to the bottom of our driveway. I hiked down and brought the boy back up. Yee!!! I am glad he is here with me because #1) I know that he is safe #2) we have 8 inches of snow!!!! Perfect for sledding. 
Now for some bragging - I got 2 vintage fur hats for Christmas and a fur stole. SWEET! I know, I know. It's fur and animals had to die but it is vintage and those guys have been dead for a while. Why not carry on their legacy and make them beautiful in their afterlife? No? Damn. Guess I'll have to wear them anyway. :) I actually got some great snow boots which I have been wearing since I opened them up Christmas morn! 
We shot these photos Christmas Eve hence the no snow scene. I will have to get out there and get some photos with my new furry hats...if I can just stand being frozen solid!

Photos by Brian - thank you! :)

Sweater: NY&Company
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Thrifted, Hospice
Boots: Steve Madden
Brooch: Thrifted, Goodwill
Lipstick: Loreal, Red

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Brian said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with for the snow shots. I have visions of "James Bond: From Russia With Love". By the way, it looks like its 12 inches now!

Emily said...

What a great skirt :) Lusting your blog- now following you here and on bloglovin'

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