Dec 9, 2010

Snowed In and Snowflakes (What else is there to do?)

Last weekend's snow storm drove me to crafting, which is a good thing. Time to get myself in gear and get started on the project ideas that I have been stockpiling in my mind. I stayed at home all weekend...nowhere to be...nothing to do. Except getting the house ready for Christmas. The best way to spend a snowy weekend.
I checked out Mandi's paper snowflake tutorial on Here's Looking at Me Kid. I had tried to wing it a few days earlier, hoping that my 5th grade snowflake making memories would magically reappear. That wasn't the case and I ended up with ugly little piles of paper. Thank god for Mandi!
I made a few...then a few more...then it got crazy addictive and I made even more. Papa ones, Mama ones and even little baby ones. I put them up on Sunday and it was perfect - snow was still on the ground outside and flurries were flying in the air and my little snowflakes were safe and warm inside the kitchen window.
I put some in my son's room too and he was quite excited to see it when he came back from his dad's. He said (imagine a really shocked tiny little voice) "Mommy! There's snowflakes in my room!"

Some snow scenes on the back porch - this is as far as I would go. Hey! I was wearing my woolie socks! No need to go all crazy and risk them getting wet.


Brian said...

I had a blast making these. You should be a 5th grade school teacher!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...


Mandi Johnson said...

Looks awesome! I love seeing how everyone's minds come up with different designs.

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