Dec 2, 2010

The Course of This Blog

I would really love to take Elsie's Blog Love E-course. I think I just might. She has a beautifully organized blog that is full of inspirations, dreams come true, lovely eye candy and her sweet self as well. Hello envy! I need to get some direction - some general idea of what is going on with my blog. Long ago it was a simple personal blog, it has been a mommy blog, it has kind of morphed into a daily outfit blog and now I don't know what to do with it. I believe I have finally found my niche with the fashion/daily outfit/thrifting adventure aspect. I know that is what I enjoy the most. But I do want to keep it interesting...keep it fun. I would gladly accept any of your suggestions too. I want to grow as a blogger but also keep it pretty real at the same time. I get super excited at all of your guys comments - you are just tooo tooo tooo sweet. The best!!! This e-course seems to hold the answers to a lot of my questions and will definitely give me some direction I believe. There is no due date on it so as soon as I get the dough I am going to pounce. I'll would like to give some updates as I go along in the course. Since it's at your own pace I don't have to fret and get frazzled about how I'm going to fit it in between unpacking boxes that are STILL in my bedroom, fixing dinner, Riley bug's bath time, and all those other lovely household chores while trying to get some decent outfit photos that don't resemble a worn out mother with no inspiration for fashion. YES! Let's try to accomplish that shall we?
I hope all of you guys have a wonderful Thursday night!
Tonight is potato soup and grilled Colby Jack cheese sammies. Yummmmm.


Brian said...

Christmas is right around the corner, babe. I think I just found you a stocking stuffer :)

And thank you for all you do for us. You are a wonderful partner and a great parent to both the kids!

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