May 26, 2010

Just a Random Wednesday

Does anyone still dot their i's with a circle? I remember when that used to be a tale-tale sign for the most popular girl in school or anyone in her entourage. They always did that with their i's. I never really got the hang of it. Sometimes I would go through short spurts where I would try to change my handwriting slightly. Just angle it a little differently. Or hold my pen more upright. Just to see how much cooler it could be if that was the way I wrote. Put some distinction in it. Brand it. But, alas, my inner penmanship creeps back out- unwilling to let go. It's just natural. It's what's in my brain that travels down through my hands. I mean, of course you could permanently change your handwriting. If you really wanted to. If you really needed to. Maybe if you were caught in a legal matter that required you to throw off a paper trail. But really, my penmanship is my own. It's pretty normal, pretty ordinary.

In other thoughts, I wore lavender today and feel like a cast member of the Golden Girls. Not even Blanche. I'm not even that cool. But, hey, look at Betty White now! Hosting SNL and all. She really showed those hags!

Right now I am wrapping up work and getting ready to head to the gym. There I will force myself to climb on the treadmill, growl and grumble and watch women kick punching bags like they're pinatas full of chocolate diamonds. Since that recent volcano of self pity exploded I have really jumped on the wagon. Balls to the wall! Hell bent!'s only been 3 days and that's pretty damn good in my book.


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