Jun 2, 2010

I feel like I'm aboard a UFO when I go there

I joined the gym that just allows the ladies to workout in there...you know that gym? Its pretty chillaxed. Never too crowded and easy to get to a treadmill. Which, by the way, is not as fun as actually walking somewhere. I think it is much more fulfilling to end a 2 mile walk by arriving at the gas station so you can grab a coke. All a treadmill gives me is jelly legs and a flashing red sign that says "You could've done more, loser!" I look around while I'm walking on the treadmill and see all these ladies sweating, punching bags shaped like men, curling tiny dumbbells and watching themselves out of the corner of their eye in the mirror to make sure they don't do anything foolish like trip over the treadmill (done that) or fall off the bench press (not done that yet). But the thing that makes me feel like I'm aboard a UFO is a thought that goes something like this...there we all are in this one big room being sweaty and exercising. We all drag ourselves to come in there (some actually don't have to force themselves - they are aliens), shove our crap in a little cubbie like 1st grade, take our water bottles and go do something that makes us drip itchy sweat down our sports bra. I guess I feel the same away about morning commutes to work too. I feel like an ant or a worker bee just heading in the same direction as hundreds of others.

On another note, this gym eliminates the need of having to tolerate men working out right beside you. The funny thing is - women are just as intimidating - if not worse! These girls know their stuff. They have their kickboxing gloves on, kids tucked away in the child care room, a cool-ass water bottle, workout routines (what!?), and rock hard bodies. Uggg... I'm doing just enough so I can eat bacon and still fit into my jeans.


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