May 13, 2010

"P" is for Procrasti-facination

Why does it take me forever and a day to get around to doing something? Uploading pictures, grocery store, painting, planting...whatever! Just seems like I have to give myself about 3 to 5 days to get ready to think about doing something. I'm a pretty good procrastinator. I mean - damn good. I should teach a course, right? Yeah, well the punchline to that is I would never get around to it. Bad. I know that was bad.

Now that the Prez is no longer in town I am torn between what to do with my free time. I spent most of that weekend standing in alleys, peeping through windows, and generally eavesdropping on other curious Prez-stalker conversations to see if I could snag a clue as to where he was going to eat. Obviously I didn't have the inside scoop like everyone else did that was eating beside him, driving beside him or generally acting smart and being in the right place at the right time. So now I am back to planning things I would like to do. Like painting that amateur interpretation of Van Gogh Starry Night to hang on my bathroom wall, planting my spinach seeds, putting a collage together of Riley's 1st beach trip, joining a gym, getting my car inspected and then being able to renew my tag. Yippie! That last one is always a fave. It's as about as annoying as when the elastic at the top of your pants/skirt gets twisted underneath the fabric and you can't get it to lay flat because you can't get your damn fingers inside of the illusive elastic fabric tunnel! So you end up trying to come up with what you think is this ingenious way of trying to straighten it out by carefully getting your fingers around a piece of the invisible elastic and with nervous eyes and a strong jaw begin following it along until you feel the dreaded twist. There it is! Damn you! Then, like and old blind Chinese sage, working it like you are some kind of ancient braille expert trying your hardest to get it to give up the twists and turns and lay calmly...easy does it. Crap! It never works. That elastic band is resistant to being straightened out, however, becomes an overzealous slut when it comes to being twisted.

The plan for today will be to try to take a goal and get it accomplished. Maybe start with a task here at work? Ok. I'll try that. I will start with going to get another cup of coffee first.


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