May 30, 2012


I'm totally honest here on the ole blog and I'm going to show you what a mess I made out of this.

After seeing it done all over the internet I thought I would try the "just-spray-it-with-neon-spray-paint" thing. Well, needless to say my try was a fail.

First I primed the shoes with white spray paint. Wow! I'm doing good, I thought.

Then I thought, "What the heck! Let's throw in some jewelry for fun!"

The only necklace to survive was the pink one. The other two would get stuck to the paper and just moved around too much to work, if that makes any sense. The chains and the little parts didn't hold the paint well and chipped, cracked and all that good stuff. The pink necklace doesn't have any "moving parts" and it seemed to work a little better.

Except, when I put it on. IT STINKS way too much to wear it that close to my nose!!!

I was really excited about the shoes

Until I actually wore them to work

They cracked and chipped all over the place. If I would have had another pair of shoes with me I think I would have put these in the office shredder.

So I thought I could either:

1) fix them
2) toss them

I tossed them. I don't have the patience to try to fix them. Plus, they weren't that comfortable anyway and gave me a blister. I think I will give this DIY a big thumbs down.



Eartha Kitsch said...

Uggh, that sucks. Is there some kind of primer that can be used maybe? Sanding first? Heck if I know.

I've wondered about both that method and the one where people cover shoes in glitter. It always seems like you'd leave a trail of glitter everywhere that you go if that last one doesn't hold.

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

I thought about sanding. Then I got tired thinking about it. :(

I am curious about the glitter shoes too! I left some pink behind on the carpet at work! Eek!

Anneke said...

the original tutorial does mention sealing with mod podge, which seems to make sense... did you do that as well?

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Shoot - I didn't seal it! I bet that was my problem. I really want to try it again.

Anneke said...

it said hers cracked a bit as well so the shoes aren't meant for hard wear, but maybe they won't chip as much anymore!

astr!d said...

yup, i think you should have sealed it too!! but the 'before i walked in them all day' picture looks great!!!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

I know! I was so freakin excited to wear them! I tried to cheat and this is what happened!!! I'm going to keep my eye out for another pair at the thrift store and try it all again. I might even try to sand paper it a bit too before I prime.

Anonymous said...

They make spray paint specifically for shoes...I got the idea off of this blog.
I hope it works because I bought it and I'm ready to turn some shoes blue!!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

AH!! Thank you so much for the link and the tip!

Laynie said...

I see people mentioned using a sealer. One other thing I see is that it looks like you used white paint to prime the shoes, which isn't really priming.

If you get a can or spray primer, it's formulated different than paint. It's grippy so it sticks to the surface you're spraying it onto, and it has a bit of tooth to it so the spray paint has something to cling to. Primer can make all the difference when you're spraying shoes!

Margot Silk Forrest said...

There are some wonderful leather paints -- personally, I don't like the Meltonian spray paint someone linked to above -- I have been painting shoes for six years (!) and did a book about it. I use either Lumiere paint or Angelus leather paint. Lots of free info on my site

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

I am checking out your site now!

Ashley Sue said...

Umm... spray primer often IS white. She did not use white spray paint... that IS primer, which IS really priming. :/

Unknown said...

I have done glitter shoes! I used a pair of shoes that were starting to wear out. Just mixed up some glitter (fine glitter works better than the large flake stuff) with some Mod Podge. It took a couple coats to get a nice even finish, but they were great. I wore them every day for four more months before the shoe separated from the sole and it was time to bid them farewell.

Anonymous said...

That was The Most Entertaining post I have ever read, including all comments.
Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

Was just about to say mod podge for sealer.. otherwise you get chips and cracks and the like... the glossy kind would look AWESOME on hot pink shoes!

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