Apr 18, 2012

A Crafty Line Up

My Pinterest cup runneth over with craft projects that I want to try! Except, I would need to take a week off of work just to start...but it's fun to dream. Some of these sound sooo easy. False expectations? I don't know. I'm falling hard for them. If you want to be Pinning Friends, I'm here!

Update a boring sweater w/ adding little pompoms to it (I'm thinking hot glue gun. forget sewing)

make a button bowl (this is done w/ blowing up a balloon and elmers glue)

make an apple bag (kiddo would love to help w/ this one)

make an awesome bird feeder from an old dish and a candle holder

I have tons of buttons. And bobby pins. This would be a great girlfriend party

Playdough lids transformed into a bird feeder (kiddos would love)

If I could have back some of those baby food jars for this...

or this...

Thanks Pinterest for all the endless hours....


skippy haha said...

the apple bag is toooo cool!

One Girl said...

Isn't it?!? I think it would be pretty easy. I'm going to have to remember to pick up a old plain bag next thrifting trip.

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