Apr 16, 2012

Shabby Apple Infomercial

Did you know that Shabby Apple has wonderful accessories? Take, for instance, this headband:

See that little velcro piece on there? Perfect for adding these to it:

Interchangeable polka dot poofies??? Are you kidding me. Nope. I'm not.
I hate to tell you....there are even more options

So - go check them out. The headband is only $8.75 and the little poofies are $8.75 a piece.

Oh...and if that didn't blow you away, you can attach them to a strechty headband instead or get out of the hair business and wear it like a brooch.

I'll leave you to discuss it amongst yourselves. Or if you want to - click on the Shabby Apple link on the right and Treat Yo Self!

Happy Monday!


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