Apr 1, 2012

The Flea Girl

 Shirt, jeans, hat & bag: Thrifted, Oxfords: Bass

On Saturday morning we went to the flea market with high hopes of finding one or two wedding bands but we didn't. I did find some other things, though! After the market we stopped by the animal shelter and came very close to taking home a very sweet puppy. We even got as far as filling out all the paperwork but it all seemed a bit too spontaneous. And very expensive. So, we said we would think about it. 
We went to Home Depot and picked up a bunch of plants and came back to beautify the yard. A job well done.

Our spoils: $1.00 Yardley soap (I love the Lavender), milk glass candy dish, vintage North Carolina Delta Airlines playing cards (for a quarter!), milk glass vase, old candles for melting down, kiddo dvds, and shorts for Brian

Lots of pretty perennials & annuals (including a lavender plant!! Eeek!)

One tired gardener
photos by me & Brian - thanks sweets


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