Apr 13, 2012

Skippy Haha Vintage Girl

I will be off getting married tomorrow but will be back later with some pics! In the meantime, isn't this sweater adorable?! 

I was over the moon for it. My superhero friend and fellow blogger Skippyhaha has her very own vintage shop on Etsy, Skippy Haha Vintage and you need to go there. Here are a few of my top picks (doesn't Tina look smashing in chevron?)

I got lots of compliments on this sweater and how a little splash of color really puts a lot of people in a good mood!


Amy said...

It made me laugh at how brazenly you mentioned you are off to get married tomorrow. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful, magical and special day!


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skippy haha said...

first of all - CONGRATS mrs. one girl! hope your weekend was full of love and happy times and great memories!

now, thank you for the blog-love! holy smokes the sweater looks sooo great! you are a teeny tiny person! love the pony tail & bow too. and cobalt is definitely your color.

the only thing is vintage vantage was my old t-shirt company, my new shop is just called skippy haha vintage.

you're the best!

The Braided Bandit said...

LOVE your sweater! The styling is terrific and you are beautiful! I hope your wedding day was absolutely perfect!
xo Hannah

Anonymous said...

This outfit is so sweet. i really love your skirt especially. I used to have a sweater like this when I was about 4!

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