Apr 23, 2012

A Day at Snowbird

Our church took a Saturday to go up to Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, a Christian youth camp, to help work on cabins, projects and whatever else they needed us to do to help them get ready for camping season. It was a lot of fun and I really liked my painting job I was given in the prayer chapel - I love to paint! It was refreshing to hang out with my church family and give back to the community.

the guys built a handicap ramp for easy access to the cabin and the ladies cleaned the inside because it was left in a disastrous state after some plumbing work

Another team putting up OSB in one of the staff cabins. It was raining most of the day so they were thankful for the canopies

I strolled around the camp to take it all in. Here are the buses the kids use to go on mission trips to help people in the community with painting, cleaning or just general help for those in need.

After the cabin was clean we got to go up to the Prayer Chapel. It's a pretty special place that the staff get ready each year for another "presentation" so to speak. The focus is on missionaries and the daily struggles they face. But this year, another piece was added to the experience. A walk through where youth will experience the crucifixion, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus. Pretty cool! I got to paint the tomb so I was pretty much in a little hole for the afternoon with a big bucket of grey paint.

there are stations for the kids to read about missionaries, some pretty graphic

The Prayer Garden was so serene and amazing. Would have loved to stay there all day!



Cindy Martin said...

Jessica..... Such an awesome job!!!! You are very talented. So happy we are a family together at New Hope!!! Love ya!!!!

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