Jul 23, 2010

Lace on Lace

Green is my favorite color but I seem to wear a lot of purple! I feel like purple and my skin tone get along fairly well. I love this lilac lace tank. I got it in a bag of hand-me-down clothes from a woman my aunt knew. I will never turn down a chance to sort through some recycled clothing! Most of the clothes were not my type, but I thought this little tank was precious. I've paired it with a smokey gray tank underneath and a lilac open cardi with some chunky jewelry. This was for a casual day at work but you could take this in another direction with some flowy short shorts, flats and delicate jewelry.

I feel like I can wear these shoes with about anything

Photos by Brian, thank you!

Lace lilac tank: free hand-me-down! yay!
Grey lace tank: NY&CO
Open cardigan: UO
Necklace, earrings: NY&CO
Jeans: probably target ?
Shoes: Target
Polish: UO; Purple 1

There is a very large free street festival going on here this weekend. I used to go a long time ago but it has gotten so tourist-y that it is hard to bare the crowds and the heat. So I will probably be at the pool instead. Suppose to be 91 degrees! Hottest summer on record. Have a great weekend everyone!


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