Jul 20, 2010


Today is Tuesday. I missed work yesterday so now I feel a bit off for the week. Today is Tuesday. Let's see. Wednesday's diptych is "crooked". I missed getting last week's posted. I had it, I just couldn't quite seem to get it to the blog. So I need 2 pictures that are somewhat related to "crooked". Next, Wednesday is Brian's birthday. He already knows one half of his gift. I got us tickets to go see Amos Lee this Thursday night at the Orange Peel. I am very excited about that. They only thing that could put a cherry on top is if I had Friday off. I'm not looking forward to getting up for work after a night at a concert. Ewww. On a different note, I tried to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie and just could not do it. The subtitles just wear me out. I'm not completely giving up but I am pausing on doing two things at one time while I am suppose to be having R & R. And, on a final note, it is totally inhumane to make the human race start work before 9 am. I am soooo over getting up at 6 am. Have a great Tuesday/Monday-to-me!


maggeygrace said...

Ahhh! I love that you said that about the girl with the dragon tatoo because I JUST read the book and tried watching the movie...but it failed, miserably. I hate subtitles in other languages- I'm just not patient enough to continually watch the screen. Plus, you get distracted by the actors and everything going on and then you miss out on something. Yep. There's my rant for the day- I am sorry this comment is a novel :)


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