Jul 14, 2010


Happy Bastille Day. Happy birthday to a friend that is long left my life.

My dream last night was filled with excitement. It was her wedding day. She was wearing traditional wedding dress of Eastern India and her husband-to-be had a large circle of flowers around his neck. She was beautiful. Just like I remembered her in high school. She had big almond shaped eyes and mocha skin. She was talking to me and telling me she was getting married that day. And could I help her. Of course, of course. I couldn't believe she was asking me. I was thrilled to be reunited just in time for her wedding. In a brief moment, we were back in the halls of our old high school. Plans were being made, ideas were being told to me. I wanted to be involved in all of the bridesmaid hoopla. I was asking her question after question. She was calm and well organized. The wedding had already begun. Someone in charge was whispering "They've started too early! No!" People dressed in fancy frocks with worried looks on their faces were pushing and shoving to get into the event. I was sitting on left of the high school gym watching her hold the hands of the groom while saying her vows. She was smiling. For the rest of the dream I tried frantically to keep up with her. To talk to her. Then, I was asked to go up to the podium and make a speech about her. I got up there and remember looking down, choking back tears. I knew what I wanted to say, I just could not get the words to come out. My voice crackled and I said "Nita and I...." I wanted to say that we had been friends forever. But we haven't. I lost her after high school.
This morning when I got in the car, the radio voiced told me it was French Bastille Day. July 14th.
Today is her birthday.
Nita, I wish you a beautiful birthday. Wherever you are....


skippy haha said...

this is a really sweet post. i love the photo of the drying footprints to go along with it. things that seem so permanent vanish over time.

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