Jul 27, 2010

Mid-week Thoughts

I'm heading towards a weekend where I have nothing planned. There is absolutely nothing on my calendar to do. This is quite amazing. One thing...just one thing...that I would kind of like to tackle this weekend is taking the sewing machine my dad bought me (over 5 years ago) out of the box. And plug it up. And try to sew something. I have a pile of thrifted things that need to be hemmed or taken in or overall adjusted. Plus I got this Van Gogh inspired pillow case that needs a throw pillow stuffed into it and sewed up. I am not the type to just grab the manual and dive right into something. I would really like someone to show me how...hands on. But I don't think that's going to happen. I'll let you know how it turns out.
I'm also trying to get a family beach trip planned and off the ground. I'm looking at August 5th - 8th. Very excited to get close to the ocean. I get a recharge every time I see it and hear it. Mind you, this trip will be full of sand in a 3 year old's hair....swim suit...mouth...everywhere else. "Family" beach trip. No "Oh! Yay! Let's walk down to that little Irish bar and do whatever we want!". More like, let's pack 10,000 pounds of stuff that we need to drag all the way down to the beach and then not use half of it, get sand in our sandwiches, and forget the sunscreen and have to walk all the way back to get it. All in all, I will still love it. I know Riley will too. He has only been to the beach one other time and he was in awe.
Have a happy Tuesday!


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