Oct 29, 2018

Instragram Outfit Inspiration 10.29.18 Details and Links

This cardigan happens to be thrifted from my local Goodwill. So you could take your chances there or another thrift store and look for chunky cardigans. OR I found this one at Gap for $98.00 or this one from Target for $29.99.

The distressed skinny jeans are thrifted too. But I highly recommend the Universal Thread brand at Target.for $27.99! They are so comfy. This pair isn't quite as distressed as the ones in my photo but I think that's a better. Mine are almost too distressed.

The boots are Chelsea Crew but from a few years back. They don't have them on their website anymore. I found these on Amazon for $64.99. Or these cute ones from JC Penny on sale for $28. You could change the laces to olive green or a pretty burgundy...

The bag was a score I got on Ebay a few years back. I have no idea how I stumbled upon it. But I really fought it out with another bidder for this thing! There are quite a few on Etsy and the prices are a little on the higher side since they are made by hand. There are some on Ebay for a little bit lower. Just search for saddleback blanket purse or bag. 


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