Nov 14, 2018

Instagram Outfit 11.08.18

I keep some of my summer dresses around for layering in the fall and winter. It was so warm this day that I didn't even have to wear tights. Yay! 

I found this cardigan at the thrift store and I've already worn it a million times. Here is one at Old navy that is similar and won't break the bank.

This exact dress is from I would recommend sizing down because this is a Large and it's a little big up top. It's only $16!

The boots are Steve Madden from a few years ago but here is a Steve Madden pair that is similar. Or here is a dupe on Amazon for cheaper. When it comes to boots though, I try not to go the cheap route. They get so beat up in the bad weather of the winter that it's worth that extra $20 or $40 bucks.

The belt is thrifted too! The thrift store is THE best place to find leather belts. I haven't bought a brand new belt in I don't know how long! Here is one I found on Amazon that would look really cute!


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